Earlier this year, we opened the doors to the XOXO Outpost—a shared workspace for independent artists working on the internet.

The Outpost is home to a rich and diverse community of writers, game designers, filmmakers, cartoonists, musicians, creative coders, and more. Everyone pays only what they can afford—an experiment made possible by the support of our patrons.

Unfortunately, we aren’t immune to Portland’s rising costs. Our rent is increasing significantly in January 2017 to bring it closer to fair market value, and despite our best efforts, we’re unable to afford a long-term lease on the space.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the Outpost will close its doors at the end of the year.

In line with taking a break from the festival, we’ve decided not to continue the Outpost elsewhere. However, many of our members are looking into relocating to another space. If you’re interested in finding out more, sign up below and they'll be in touch.

We want to thank everyone who supported us and championed this experiment, particularly our patrons who made it possible to keep it affordable for everyone. Thank you, MailChimp, Intel, and Instrument.

We especially want to thank everyone who made the Outpost their home this past year. It was a unique pleasure to work for and with you every day, and while we may no longer share a building together, our community doesn’t require walls and a roof to carry on.

— Andy & Andy

  1. Chris Higgins
  2. Asha Dornfest
  3. Rael Dornfest
  4. Fernando Ramallo
  5. Courtney Stanton
  6. Darius Kazemi
  7. Nora Ryan
  8. Kirby Ferguson
  9. Matthew Bogart
  10. Laura Hudson
  11. Laura Hall
  12. Eliz Simins
  13. Amit Gupta
  14. Matt Bors
  15. Angela Webber
  16. Caitlin Like
  17. Josh Millard
  18. Taylor Hatmaker
  19. Victoria Wang
  20. Kelly Kend
  21. Dan Wineman
  22. Josh Boykin
  23. Crystal Beasley
  24. Samantha Felge
  25. Darin Richardson
  26. Kate Ertmann
  27. Dana Steffe
  28. Eric R. Mortensen
  29. Kjerstin Johnson
  30. Terence Lee
  31. Woodley Nye
  32. Audrey Eschright
  33. Corey Warning
  34. Will Lewis
  35. Tyesha Snow
  36. Jay Edidin
  37. Matt Haughey
  38. Max Ogden
  39. Dan Hon
  40. Justin Baldwin
  41. Yori Kvitchko
  42. Jenni Jelsing
  43. Mo Cohen
  44. Hagen Deloss
  45. Monica Villasenor
  46. Oliver Smith
  47. Jack Meade
  48. Curtis Chen
  49. Pete Soloway
  50. Eric Holscher
  51. Meg Hunt
  52. Liz Ryerson
  53. Matthew McVickar
  54. Anthony Johnson
  55. Melanie Ujimori
  56. Betty Farrier
  57. Naomi Dickerson
  58. Fritz Kutchko
  59. Patrick Murphy
  60. Ben Purdy
  61. Craig Winslow
  62. Gabriela Berón
  63. Brook Shelley
  64. Jessica Outlaw
  65. Nathan Franks
  66. Conley Smith
  67. Jackson Lango
  68. David Celis
  69. Anis Mojgani
  70. Joe Hand
  71. Kevin Watters
  72. Beth Duckles
  73. Jessie Carver
  74. Kiki Nicole
  75. Sam Alexander
  76. May Cat
  77. B. Frayn Masters
  78. Mindy Nettifee
  79. Virginia Paine
  80. Audrey Redpath
  81. Jenna Fletcher
  82. Michael Buffington
  83. Sashiko Yuen
  84. Gabriel Baron
  85. Aubrey Serr
  86. Joel McDonald
  87. Hannah Piper Burns
  88. Adam Cornelius
  89. Emily Plummer
  90. Katie Lane
  91. Jonathan Streater
  92. Elizabeth Chai
  93. Lindsay Goldner
  94. Marlowe Dobbe
  95. Rex Waters
  96. Beryl Allee
  97. Heather Cummings
  98. Zahir Janmohamed
  99. Andy Baio
  100. Andy McMillan