Inside the building


A new shared workspace from the creators of XOXO, Portland’s experimental festival celebrating independent art and technology.

419 NE 10th Avenue • Portland, OR

We've taken the ideas behind XOXO and opened a dedicated, year-round space: a 13,000 square foot industrial building in Portland’s Central Eastside filled with the independent people and projects we love, and a handful of companies building the tools we use every day.

We’re building something more than just a place to sit on your laptop—a supportive community of amazing people you’re genuinely excited to see every day, and XOXO’s extended network of friends and advisors to help your project succeed.

Unlike traditional coworking spaces, this is a private, shared space. Desks are reserved for full members only. No drop-in rates, no jerks, no randos.

Become a Member

To ensure a diverse group of independent artists, we’re working with our patrons to subsidize the cost of membership. Instead of charging a flat rate for rent, members pay what they can afford for whatever they need—a desk, small studio, or larger workspace.

Every member gets 24/7 access to the building, including meeting rooms, a full kitchen, high-speed wifi, storage, and bike parking. Members also get priority access to the events we hold in the space—talks, performances, meetups, and more. (Sorry, festival not included.)

We want to be flexible enough to allow anyone to work from the Outpost, and affordable enough that cost prohibits no one from getting involved. Interested? Fill out your info below.

Become a Patron

To support our experimental membership model, we’re seeking potential patrons of the Outpost to allow us to offer the space to our members at an affordable cost.

Much like with the festival, patronage allows us to prioritize a diverse range of people and projects, and gives us the ability to subsidize the cost of membership for independent artists, or for those from unrepresented or marginalized communities. Email us or sign up below for more information.

For individuals, we’re working on a version of patronage that gets you access to our events, early access to member projects, and some secret surprises. Follow us on Twitter for updates.